Knowledge + Wisdom = Understanding ™,Inc.

Knowledge + Wisdom = Understanding™, Inc. is a Lifestyle Brand concept created in 2019 by entrepreneur, activist, designer, actor, producer, and rapper, Revelation 13:18. The name of the brand Knowledge + Wisdom = Understanding™ is based on the Nation of Gods and Earths known as the Five Percenters Ideology of Supreme Mathematics. Supreme Mathematics is a numerology system of numerals alongside concepts and qualitative representations which can be compared to the Jewish mystical traditions of Kabbalah or even more closely Gematria, or the Arabic Abjad numerals which is key to the Five Percent Nation understanding humankind's relationship to the universe.

Supreme Mathematics


Build or Destroy

Supreme Mathematics conceptualizes daily education. Every day, we seek out Knowledge, grows with Wisdom, and gain new Understandings.

“A true teaching is not an accumulation of knowledge; it is an awaking of consciousness which goes through successive stages.” - Egyptian Proverbs

Our Lifestyle Brand promotes this need for daily education through its different branches involving music, film, clothing, literature, finance, and Non-profit foundation. The company branches include:

K+W=U Records
K+W=U Productions
K+W=U Lifestyle × Apparel
K+W=U Publishing
K+W=U Finance
K+W=U Foundation

All our branches work together to institute proper education in the communities, harvesting empowerment and improvement. We think of K+W=U as not just a lifestyle brand but an institution.

Knowledge is not necessarily wisdom. – Egyptian Proverbs

Understanding develops by degrees. – Egyptian Proverbs

The organization is embedded in the hip-hop culture to initiate this era’s at-risk youth to the golden age (circa 86-91) of hip-hop’s five percenter revelation, which spread the culture throughout the world. We strive to promote a positive civilized lifestyle. Founded by Allah the Father, formerly known as Clarence 13x (born Clarence Edward Smith) in 1964, the Nation of Gods and Earths has instituted its teaching throughout the United States and abroad. In the 1980s, this spread was partly due to early adherents teaching through the art of hip hop and its rise and influence. The main theme of the Nation of Gods and Earth’s doctrine spoken on hip hop records were self-improvement, self-sufficiency, self-discovery, and self-mastery through education. With the supreme asset in life to obtain Knowledge of Self.

The body is the house of God. That is why it is said, “Man know yourself.” – Egyptian Proverbs

Channeling the ancient kemetic teachings and way of life, the esoteric knowledge of the five percenters taught that Black people were the original or first human life to walk the planet. The black man is God; the black woman is Earth. Through the inner esoteric powers that we possess through the teachings of the Gods and Earths, the youth can transform, reaching their true potential. With the doctrine, this sovereign mind state implements self-sufficiency and overthrows the overbearing oligarchy by becoming just rulers of themselves. This was the influence of most conscious themes found in the golden age (circa 86-91) of hip-hop recordings. It’s a movement affiliated with hip-hop from the very beginning and influencing everyone from Jay-Z, Big Daddy Kane, Jay Electronica, Rakim, Wu-Tang Clan, and Brand Nubian, Common, Poor Righteous Teachers, and Nas. With these artists and many others associated with five percenters, the music in hip hop culture at that time was more than just a message.

If the Master teaches what an error is, the disciple’s submission is slavery; if he teaches the truth, this submission is ennoblement. – Egyptian Proverbs

Revelation states that despite his love for the hip hop/rap culture building a progressive entrepreneurial art form in “a lot of aspects,” he cannot “in good conscience” have a positive opinion on today’s music culture or “excuse some of its pervasive and promotion of self-destructive elements by major labels.” It’s mainly because of his own experience of the adverse results from cognitive programming while also seeing young men and women who had difficulty recognizing the difference between artistic expression in entertainment and real life. With the history of miseducation embedded in the inner cities and everyday life the current state of hip hop has been manipulated by major labels and the conscious message has been overshadowed or lost. The youth needs a new awakening and enlightenment to the knowledge of self doctrine. So he had a vision to introduce the K+W=U lifestyle brand to the inner city communities to implement a balance combating the adverse cognitive byproduct of the hip hop/rap culture.