Knowledge + Wisdom = Understanding

The Supreme mathematics is a system of understanding numerals alongside concepts and qualitative representations that are used along with the Supreme Alphabet. The Supreme Mathematics is thought to be the highest system of numerology in the Nation of Gods and Earths (5 Percenters), used to give qualitative value to numbers in addition to quantity.


Knowledge is the accumulation of facts thru observing, learning, and respecting. Knowledge is the foundation of all in existence, for it must be "known" in order to make it manifest. 1 or Knowledge is also Man.


Wisdom is Knowledge acted upon. Wisdom is Water, or the vital building block of life. 2 or Wisdom is also Woman.


Understanding is the addition of Knowledge & Wisdom (1+2=3), complete comprehension. 3 or Understanding is also Child. The highest form of Understanding is Love. Understanding is built from Knowledge first-and-foremost.

Supreme Mathematics

1- Knowledge
2 - Wisdom
3 - Understanding
4 - Culture/Freedom
5 - Power/Refinement
6 - Equality
7 - God
8 - Build/Destroy
9 - Born
0 - Cipher

Knowledge + Wisdom = Understanding is a full service record label clothing and lifestyle brand founded by Los Angeles based Artist/Producer Revelation 13:18 pronounced Revelation. Based on the 5 percenter (Nation of Gods and Earths) ideology of Supreme Mathematics our mission is to enlighten the community through the art of music and spread the message that there are only 3 People in the world: the 85% who are sleep the 10% who are rich, slave makers and the 5% who know the truth and teach it. After knowledge comes wisdom. After wisdom comes understanding.


Knowledge + Wisdom = Understanding
Revelation 13:18

Revelation 13:18

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